31 janvier 2008

Accouplement de pèlerins à St Antoine.Javi Elorriaga

Ce soir (30/01/2008) , vers 16h55, j'ai observé et photographié la femelle faucon pèlerin, qui se laisse voir normalement à l'église Saint-Antoine, s'accouplant avec un mâle adulte au sommet de la croix de l'église (un grand pêché!!).
I have just arrive from St Antoine where i have had a very interesting observation. I was there from 16:00 without any falcon until 16:55 when a pair of peregrines have apeared flying and calling loudly around the cathedral. Both birds landed in the usual perch of the female, over the main entrance of the cathedral. The male, left there a prey he was carrying ( a small passerine) and continued flying around. Then the emale perched in a different place, while calling.... the male came back and they copulated once. After few seconds, first the male and then the female left St Antoine. The female was for sure the adult ringed birds which is usually there. The male was an adult, which i have seen for first time today in 2008. I can not tell if this is the same male saw around two times in 2007. I se it diicult that they will breed in St Antoine, as i don think they have a suitable nest-site. Is there any project to build a next box there? Could be that the male from St Gudulle is matting with two females?? Unfortunately i dont have so much time to check these falcons, but i will keep informing you about any new. Regards, Javi

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