20 février 2008

News from St Antoine

Hello Marie-Odille,the falconsfrom St Antoine are very misterious last days. I have been checking the place quite often and Benoit de Boeck as well. I have not seen theam for many days. On Saturday, at 12:10 the couple apeared. The male was carrying a prey. The landed in the chucrch for 1 or two minutes and disapeared. No observation for me on Sunday. Benoit told me that he saw the male flying around and calling again at 12:00.....today early in the morning, nothig. At this moment Benoit is there waiting....On sunday at 11:00 i saw the female at St Gudulle, and i found the head of a Sturnus vulgaris under one f her perches.I have seen pigeons entering in the nest box of St Anotine....Hope to get more interestng news soon...but i wondering if this couple has finally stablished somewhere else (?).Javi

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