01 février 2008

St Antoine. Le mâle est bagué ! Javi Elorriaga et Benoit de Boeck

"I have very interesting news from St Antoine this morning. I have been there from 9:00 to 10:45. The male has appeared, this time alone and i had really good observations of him. He flied territorially around St Antoine, then he landed and i saw he is metal ringed on left tarsus, without color ring on right. The short of ring is differnt from the ring of the female. The ring of the male has bigger numbers and together with Benoit de Boeck who was there as well, we sucssed to read part of the code!!"

Le Service du Baguage de l'IRScNB (Centre Belge de Baguage) va vérifier le code de la bague lu par Javi et Benoit.

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Pelerin Nancy a dit…


Belle lumière et belle photo.
Nancy : Cette année, les accouplements ont commencé le 19 janvier. En 2007 c'était le 10 janvier.

Bonne surveillance